Sunday, April 20, 2008

Karateka and the IBM 8086

Karateka was the first game I ever played. I think I started playing this when I was like 5. Produced and Published by Brøderbund Software, Inc. this game would be the stepping stone for them to later create the famed Prince of Persia.
Sadly I was never really able to finish the game or rescue the princess. I used to get stuck at this position of the game (shown below), not crash or freeze, my character would literary just stand there not responding. Where the "evil-ninja" would then proceed to kick my ass.

I'll blame this on a hardware limitation or some software glitch or maybe it was just a shareware version I had. I used to play the same level over and over until I got bored. What else can a 5 year old to do?

And speaking of hardware, this is the beast I used to run it off:

The great IBM 8086. Oh man! I have so many fond memories around this machine. I guess my love(addiction :) ) for programming and computers as whole started out from here.

And just so you know here are the specs of this beast!
The first IBM PC ran on a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 microprocessor. The PC came equipped with 16 kilobytes of memory, expandable to 256k. The PC came with one or two 160k floppy disk drives and an optional color monitor. The price tag started at $1,565, which would be nearly $4,000 today.

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Madukp said...

My First comment!
No wonder you hate mid-era game like BZ2 when your childhood filled with this sort of crap games and machines.

I am just kidding!