Wednesday, May 05, 2010

CRM 4.0 Plug-in Filtering Attributes Limitation

I ran across this error while setting up the Filtering Attributes for a custom plug-in today :
Error Code: 0x80044331
A validation error occurred. The length of the 'filteringattributes' attribute of the 'sdkmessageprocessingstep' entity exceeded the maximum allowed length of '100'.
The the Filtering Attributes property basically tells the plug-in which specific field changes it should respond to.

Investigating the issue it looks like its a limitation in the CRM web service. The web service limits the length of the field to 100 characters. Its strange that its not even the number of attributes that is the limitation but rather the concatenated length all the attribute names!

Interestingly enough the creation of Image Attributes support a total of 4615 characters:

Hopefully with CRM 5.0 around the corner this will all be addressed.

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