Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bookmark Organizer 0.2 with SkyDrive Integration

I am pleased to announce the latest iteration of Bookmark Organizer. It now comes with the ability to synchronize your bookmarks with SkyDrive. Please read the original post for application pre-requisites and installation.


known Limitations

  • Synchronization is limited to the root folder of SkyDrive. I might include the ability to choose the location if there’s demand for it.
  • The app is limited to one way synching, its either Device to SkyDrive or vice versa. Source bookmarks are mirrored to the destination.
  • The available sync file extensions are restricted. This is a limitation imposed by SkyDrive. Please read more about it here.


The usual disclaimer applies; I am not responsible for anything you might break by using this application. Please use at your own risk.


Please feel free to suggest any improvements and I will try to accommodate you as best as I can.


Madhawa said...

Good stuff mate... Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Very nice app ! It will be nice if postedcon bazaar marketplace !