Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bookmark Organizer 0.1 for Windows Phone 7.5

I saw a tweet a few days back where someone wanted to sync favorites within windows phone. Unfortunately, the current iteration of the OS does not allow developers that level of access to their favorites. I was curious if it was still achievable, at least via un-supported means and this app was the result.

A little research revealed that the phone stores the favorites as url files within the \Windows\Favorites folder and that Internet Explorer treats every file with a “.url” extension as a favorite entry. It was only a matter of reading and manipulating these files.

This initial version allows to do basic CRUD operations on the available bookmarks and also import from a hosted CSV file. The CSV file itself should be a valid 2 columned file containing the Title and Url of the bookmark.
The app is built around the WP7 Root Tools SDK alpha which does most of the heavy lifting.



  1. Download and deploy the XAP file using your favorite deployment tool.
  2. Make Bookmarks Organizer a trusted app using WP7 Root Tools

Future version:

  • The ability to do 2 way sync with a cloud service.
  • Improved UI maybe?


This app interacts with system files that were not meant to be accessed. I hold no responsibility if your phone gets ‘bricked’, blows up or any other unfortunate mishap by using this application. Please use at your own risk.
Please feel free to email me your comments, feature requests or bugs.


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