Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flashing OEM ROM on Samsung Focus

I flashed my Samsung Focus using the Rogers OEM ROM the other day and then followed the update method described here to get back to 7.10.8107.79 within 30 mins.

Why? Because my Samsung Focus is finicky on the best of days. More so when it comes to pushing updates via Zune. It was a nightmare getting Mango on it when it was first release, I kept hitting the dreaded 80180048 error. And my slow as molasses internet connection was not helping; constantly re-downloading 160+ Megs of updates for each failure was painful to say the least. My best guess was something somewhere was timing out. And I was not too keen on going through that whole process again.

Followed everything described on the thread. Although I didn’t install the OEM drivers that were provided, I let Zune pick them out for me and this is what it got me:

This one brings the firmware up to 2124.11.8.1:

And this to 2124.11.9.4:

The above links were not present on the original thread at the time of writing, I hope it helps someone else out there.


Daniel Duedu said...

I cant find the procedure, please show me how to apply the links provided to flash my samsung focus.

Daniel Duedu said...

Please provide steps on how to flash the samsung focus using the links provided. Thank you

shane carvalho said...

Hey Daniel,
The flashing procedure is detailed at the following location:

If I remember correctly, the ROM setup itself contains the instructions necessary.